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InfoBest use the following methods to produce quality leads


PPC Marketing

InfoBest have extensive experience in designing and running ROI driven paid search campaigns. We capture real leads at the decision stage, through popular search engines such as Google & Yahoo


Social Media Marketing

Through social media, InfoBest can target large audiences and capture cost effective leads, as well as pushing your brand awareness.


Premium Directory Marketing

InfoBest have affiliations with all the top directories and also operate our very own. We also offer first class organic SEO services including website optimisation and back link building.


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How does InfoBest lead generation work

InfoBest operate a lead generation service around the clock with a personal touch. A tailor made landing page is designed for targeted traffic. Conversions are delivered to your business contact details only. Our campaigns are flexible and designed to give you the best return on investment possible.

  • Free conversion optimised website
  • Emails sent in real time & text messages sent as a fail safe.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Lead portal and phone app available as an add-on service.
  • Campaigns that start working straight off the bat
  • InfoBest discuss the account with you regularly to improve ROI

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Our experts are results driven

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Step 1

Our experts ask for as many details as possible about your business including key selling points. InfoBest then design a winning land page to drive leads straight through to your business

Step 2

With years' of experience and by working with an agreed cost per lead target, our experts build a PPC campaign to capture leads from customers ready to use your services.

Step 4

The finishing touches are added including the best contact details for customers to contact you on. We then tie up the billing details and begin the marketing campaign.

Step 4

InfoBest reviews your campaign at regular intervals, optimise's and discusses the ROI with yourself. We are then on standby to discuss further options including organic SEO campaigns and brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have got the best answers for you.

What makes your lead generation service stand above the rest?

Unlike many lead generation companies, we target users who are at the decision stage rather than the consideration stage or awareness stage. Many users through platforms such as quote comparison services are simply looking for prices and a general idea of what the job may cost if they wished to pursue this avenue.

We also focus solely on your business. Once we have built a campaign for a company, their business is the only campaign we manage in that geography and that specific industry.

Our overheads are also vastly lower than many advertising agencies, meaning that the target cost per lead can be cut while still generating enough enquiries needed for your business to flourish.

How do you save me money?

Firstly, InfoBest understand the peaks and troughs of work in every industry. We can tailor our campaigns around your needs. If you are busy, we can be less aggressive with advertising and reduce your target cost per lead. We can even pause your campaigns while you catch up with the workload. While campaigns are paused your budget is paused and there are no monthly fees for using this service unlike many other lead generation companies.

How do you invoice?

After the first two leads are trialled, InfoBest requests an account top up based on the industry and the target leads per week required. This will be agreed at an early stage in the process. We then work with your budget to deliver leads that result in an excellent return on investment.

What’s the best way to win the leads?

Response time is key. If you can reply quickly with a quote that a customer will be happy to pay, there is a high probability, dependant on the type of works, that said customer will not look further for quotes. We make sure your business is well positioned to take the customers first enquiry. Of course, displaying a good level of professionalism when responding to enquiries is all important. InfoBest can help advise on a good format.

Do you make money from the jobs?

No, our fee is included in your budget and worked into the target cost per lead. InfoBest make a small percentage on your budget which leaves you with a far higher profit when compared to taking subcontract work. Our service is focused on helping you and your company grow.

Can I adjust the target cost per lead at any time?

Yes, if you want us to be more aggressive with your campaigns because the leads are generating high return jobs, our experts can push your campaign further to increase business. If you are fully booked for several weeks but still want leads coming through at a lower cost, we can work towards a lower cost per lead by becoming less aggressive with the campaign marketing. Our aim is to get you the best possible return on your investment. We have many satisfied customers to back up that statement. InfoBest create a winning partnership.

Who are InfoBest?

Led by Barry Walker, a digital marketing consultant with 15+ years’ experience, InfoBest are a team of search marketing professionals. When you employ our team, you get something personal without the associated costs of digital marketing agencies run by board of directors with high overheads. You get all the expertise to drive your business forward at the lowest possible expenditure.

Suggested Cost Per Lead Target

For maximum lead generation, InfoBest advise the following ranges for Pest Control Leads (*cost can vary depending on season).

Pest Elimination

Area Low End Top End
East Midlands £8.25 £13.25
East of England £11.25 £16.25
Greater London £21.25 £24.25
North East £6.25 £10.25
North West £9.25 £14.25
South East £15.25 £20.25
South West £11.25 £16.25
West Midlands £8.25 £13.25
Yorkshire and the Humber £7.25 £11.25
South Scotland £6.25 £10.25
Northern Scotland £3.25 £5.25
South Wales £7.25 £12.25
Northern Wales £6.25 £10.25