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Short Summary Of Sheffield

The city of Sheffield is one of the oldest settlements in the country, with evidence dating back to 9000 BC of people having lived there. It now has a population of roughly 550,000 people making this one of the largest cities in South yorkshire.

Sheffield has become an integral producer of raw steel, cutlery, machinery and food processing. Moving away from its once very industrialised roots, Sheffield encompasses a far more varied part of the British production line.

Read on below for a more indepth dive into what makes Sheffield different from other cities in the United Kingdom.

Famous Landmarks Associated With Sheffield

Stanage Edge

This is a famous climbing location that is located on the outskirts of Sheffield. At its highest point, it stands up to 458 metres above sea level, giving trekkers and climbers stunning views of other landmarks like the Dark Peak Moorlands and the Hope Valley. Stanage Edge stretches for four miles and is a beautiful place to visit when you are in Sheffield.

Sheffield Walk Of Fame

Not quite Hollywood, but Sheffield does have a similar way of showcasing and celebrating famous sons and daughters of the city. Rather than stars on the floor, Sheffield uses plaques outside the town hall as a tribute to these famous faces. Some of these include actors such as Sean Bean or famous athletes such as Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Other Landmarks In Sheffield

There are a number of other landmarks that are synonymous with Sheffield. These include:

What Is Sheffield Known For?

Nature In Sheffield

There is a lot of natural beauty that surrounds the city of Sheffield. It is home to more than two million trees. This means that there are roughly around four trees for every person who lives in Sheffield. That is actually the most trees per person out of any city in Europe.

There are also around 250 parks or woodland areas across Sheffield. Not only that, but it is also the case that close to a third of the entire city is actually inside the boundaries of the Peak District. You cannot get a more personal connection to nature than that!

Sheffield is also home to a multitude of tall hills and valleys, some of which stretch hundreds of metres in the sky. The tallest point of Sheffield is in fact a stone structure that is known as High Stones. This is a pile of stones that are stacked on top of one another. It has been measured as being up to 550 metres tall!

Entertainment From Sheffield

Once being the home to the National Centre for Popular Music, there are many theatres and venues that have been littered across Sheffield for live entertainment. It is home to the largest set of theatres outside of London, with the Sheffield Lyceum and the Crucible Theatre to name but a few.

Many popular artists have hailed from Sheffield such as Bring Me The Horizon, Arctic Monkeys and even Pulp. With a wide variety of local and touring talent also on the theatre scene, the city has entertainment that can cater for all kinds of people. Check out our latest events section at the top of the page to see what’s going on near you in Sheffield!

Shopping Across Sheffield

As stated above, Sheffield was known as an industrial city, having produced many materials for British exports, and it is also a social hub for the retail sector! There are retail outlets galore with famous centres such as Meadowhall even housing over 270 different retail outlets, making this a popular spot for tourists. Another of the big outlets, Devonshire Quarter, offers alternatives for shoppers to buy other popular worldwide brands!

Want to get a more local vibe for the Sheffield shopping culture, why not take a stroll down the Ecclesall Road. Here there are over 100 different stores, selling a variety of local goods, including local cafes and restaurants. You can also visit a number of the local farmer markets if you wish to buy some of the Sheffield produce the farmers have to offer!

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