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Summary Of Bristol

Bristol started off as a small village known as Brow Stow. From there it has since blossomed into what is often referred to now as the capital of the south west of England. It is a city that is drenched in culture, and is one of the most diverse places in the United Kingdom.

With a population of just over 600,000 people, Bristol has already indered itself in the hearts of many people across the country. It has always been a place that has tried to make the local economy thrive. Even releasing their own currency, the Bristol Pound, to incentivise locals to shop within their communities.

There are many factors that differentiate Bristol from your average destination. From once having its own time zone, 10 minutes behind the rest of the UK, to even now having its own local currency as mentioned above. There are many reasons to check out Bristol. Read below for a further breakdown of what makes Bristol a special city in England.

Landmarks Famous In Bristol

River Avon

Commonly referred to as the Bristol Avon, the name of this translates to “River River”. It is the 19th longest river in the UK, stretching for around 75 miles and passing through other areas in the South West such as Bath. The River Avon also has the second highest tidal range in the world!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Arguably Bristol's most recognisable structure, it marks the turning point in the history of engineering and is today one of Bristol's top tourist attractions. The bridge itself actually took 33 years to fully complete, and it has remained a popular symbol for the city of Bristol.

Other Landmarks In Bristol

There are a number of other landmarks that are infamous with Bristol. These include:

What Is Bristol Famous For?

The Bristol Music Scene

There is a unique musical culture that stems from Bristol. It has always been famous for its electronic music scene, with genres such as Trip Hop and Drum and Bass being very popular in the underground scene. Artists like Massive Attack and Portishead led this scene in Bristol which can be heard throughout many grass root gig venues throughout the city!

There are many other popular venues that host a whole variety of genres for live musical performances. These include the Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol Old Vic and the Tobacco Factory Theatres, all in various locations across the city. Check at the top of the page for the latest events happening across Bristol.

Maritime Heritage

Situated on the River Avon and the Bristol Channel, Bristol has a rich maritime history that dates back centuries. This English city is often referred to as the birthplace of America. This is due to John Colbert hailing from the city, and setting sail from Bristol to eventually discover North America.

From explorers to pirates, Bristol is also the birthplace of the infamous Captain Blackbeard. He was born and raised here, and you can even still see his birth home which is situated on the harbourside! The city is also a very important destination for a lot of imports that come to the UK, including grains, timber, fresh produce and even motor vehicles.

It’s Green Carbon Footprint

Bristol has become one of the leading areas of the UK for pushing a greener and more carbon efficient way of life. The City is relatively compact, meaning a lot of the time you could travel by foot or, as is often the case in Bristol, by bike.

This reputation was further enhanced in 2008, giving rise to Bristol's reputation as the UKs first cycling city. The government in fact awarded Bristol with £10 million, which has been invested in the bike routes, lanes and facilities that you can use today. Along with being the UK's cycling city, Bristol was also awarded another accolade in 2015. It was given the title of European Green Capital, which further enhances the city's reputation for its green carbon footprint!

Production Of Hot Air Balloons

There are more hot air balloons produced in Bristol than anywhere else in the world. You have the opportunity to catch an overhead and unique glimpse of the beautiful city of Bristol, by either floating over the Clifton Suspense Bridge or observing the luscious scenery that surrounds the city for example.

There are many companies that can provide you with this service, allowing you to partake in a unique form of travel that Bristol is renowned for. You can even take a visit to Bristol during the summer and attend the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, which celebrates the cultural significance and importance that hot air balloons have to the Bristol community!

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