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With over 4500 five star reviews on Trustpilot, you can count on Able Pest Cont...

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With over 4500 five star reviews on Trustpilot, you can count on Able Pest Cont...

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Welcome to the InfoBest Pest Control Directory…

Find the best pest control company in your area today!

With many pest control companies to choose from, InfoBest integrates Trustpilot reviews so that you can make the best informed decision when choosing a local pest control company.

Without proper research you can leave yourself at the mercy of cowboy pest control tradesmen. Luckily they cannot do that here, with InfoBest allowing you to search through the experiences, both good and bad, of previous customers. This lets you make the most informed decision about who to let carry out works on your property.

Search InfoBest today for pest control near me that I can trust! We provide a cost effective platform to allow pest control companies to cut their advertising costs and begin to charge their customers a more competitive rate!

Common Pest Control Services

Below are a selection of the common services that a pest control company near you could carry out:

Bee & Wasp Nest Removal

With a number of places they can nest on your property, wasps and bees can be a real menace during the hot summer months. They are dealt with in a similar fashion, often with a spray being used on the entrance to the nest. This will then be carried into the nest where it will eventually meet the queen and kill off the nest.

Below is a quick summary of the differences between the service:

Wasps -

Being more aggressive than bees, wasps are often the more common of the two to sting you. For a wasp nest removal the pest controller will spray the nest as mentioned above. If needed they can return to remove the actual nest but usually this will not be required.

Bees -

Bees can be moved if the pest control company you use specialise in bee removal. Look out to check that the company you use are licensed to rehome these. It is recommended that bees are rehomed due to their benefit to pollination in the environment. Some companies may use the same treatment as used for wasps.

Rodent Removal

There are three types of rodents that a pest controller can remove from your property. They are the following:

Mice -

The smallest of the rodents that a pest controller will deal with. Hiding under the floorboards, in your wall cavity or any other tight space, you will often hear scratching or see small droppings scattered on the floor.

Rats -

Larger rodents that carry a bit more punch than mice. They leave behind clearer signs of their presence in your home than a mouse and can equally cause as much damage. These are pests that you will want to remove as soon as possible with the help of a professional rat remover.

Squirrels -

Possibly the noisiest pest problem you could have on your property. Both day and night squirrels will make noises. The most common place for them to be spotted is your attic.

Rodent infestations in the home can cause a lot of damage. They can gnaw away at electric cables creating fire hazards, eat away at your food creating unsanitary conditions and even bring in other infestations such as fleas.

The most common ways to deal with rodents is through the use of poisons. Traps can also be set up and used if the pest controller see’s fit. But this will likely be determined when they survey your property to decide the appropriate treatment.

Bird Proofing My Property

Seeking help from a pest control company to bird proof your property is another reason to call a pest controller. From Gel pads to bird proofing spikes, they can ensure that birds do not land on your roof, eliminating noise and bird droppings from gathering on and around your property. Bird proofing is an effective way to ensure birds are no longer a pest on your property.

Other Pest Problems

There are a variety of other pests that some companies can treat your property for. These can include :

What You Should Look For When Choosing A Pest Control Company

Discreet Service

You want to ensure that if you require the service to be private, the company can honour this request. If you run a restaurant you wouldn’t want your customers to see a pest control van pulled out the front.

So knowing that the pest controller can make a private visit may be an important factor to consider. This is often universally undertaken by all pest companies, but it is important to communicate this upon booking a visit to ensure they abide by your need for discretion.

What Are The Reviews Saying?

Like with any service, it is important to check the reviews for a Pest controllers past work. With InfoBest, we pull reviews from one of the largest review platforms on the web in Trustpilot. That way you can search through their reviews to see how their service has been rated by previous customers.

Do They Deal With The Pest Problem I Have?

It is important to check that the pest control company you choose can perform the most effective treatment for the pest problem you have. For example, not all pest controllers can use the fog or heat treatment for bed bugs. If this is the case you may want to use a company that has more weapons in their arsenal to deal with your pest problem!

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