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Types Of Accountancy Services

There are many types of accountancy services that you could require. Below we break down the more popular services that accountants are often hired to perform.

Audit Accountants

Employing the services of an audit firm is generally needed every year to produce a statement of your accounts. Auditors are therefore external contractors or companies, who will go into your company and perform checks into the different areas of your company finances. From checking your product inventory to your accounting spreadsheets, they ensure that everything matches up with your company's financial reports. Auditors will then write you their own report of their findings. Search through our listings now to find auditing accounting firms near me today!

Financial Accounts

Hiring the services of a financial accountant will allow your company to keep track of your company's financial transactions. They will generally provide you with the book-keeping side of accountancy, ensuring records are kept up to date for future reference. Analysing a range of elements to your finances such as incomings, outgoings and your company's overall financial position. Often a financial accountant will be used to keep track of the share values for a company, and then putting together reports that are shared externally to the shareholders of the business.

Management Accountants

This type of accounting helps out the managers of the business directly. They will compile reports that are used internally by the business and form the basis for many financial decisions that a company may decide to take. A management accountancy practice will provide the managers of the business with financial information to enable them to make important decisions. This information will often include visual tools such as charts and graphs. Often they will help to interpret financial trends within the industry, which further aids in future decision making.

Tax Accountants

Accountants in this sector will deal with the tax returns and tax payments on behalf of a company or individual. Tax accountants will therefore look into your income, qualifying deductions,investment gains and even losses of their clients. In doing this they will be able to help you calculate how much tax you should be paying, the best tax method for your business and provide you with the relevant advice to help you in the future. Using a tax accountant can therefore give you reassurance that your personal or company taxes are being paid correctly each year.

Forensic Accountants

Utilising the skills of a company who is certified in financial forensics means that you can have an analysis of your accounts for any evidence of fraud or embezzlement in your company accounts. Often referred to as a fraud accountant, or as financial detectives, they use a combination of accounting and investigative techniques to uncover financial crimes. You may require the services of such a forensic auditor for any financial matters that require interventions from the courts. A forensic accountant will then be tasked with translating their results in a way that a court jury can understand.

More Forms Of Accountant Services You May Require

There are also a couple more services that an accountant may be able to provide. Like with the types of service detailed above, often firms will have accountants who specialise in these services. These can include:

Important Tips When Choosing An Accountant

There are a number of factors that you may want to consider before choosing which accountant you employ for your services.

Check The Accountant Is Certified Or Chartered

Ensuring that the accountant you employ is correctly qualified and has the correct professional credentials is the first and maybe most important step to choosing an accountant. It is unwise to deal with an accountant who does not hold the relevant qualifications. A Chartered and certified accountant will be specialised to deal with the area of finance that you need and it will also give you reassurance that they follow a code of ethics when they practice their accountancy.

Small Or Large Accountancy Firm?

Whether you use a smaller or large firm will be dependent on the type of support and personalised level of service that you require. If you require a service that provides you with partner level access to discuss your accountancy needs, a smaller firm may be better to suit your needs. They are more likely to be able to deliver you a personal level of service. Larger firms may however provide you with more confidence due to the often higher amount of recommendations for their service. So it is important to think about what level of support you require before making your choice.

Recommendations For An Accountant

There are a number of ways to gauge the reliability of the accountancy firm you choose. From word of mouth recommendations to reviews, hearing about past experiences from previous customers will help you to discover whose service to avoid. It will also cement in your mind which company can be trusted and has delivered to their customers before. Our listings on InfoBests Accountancy Directory are boosted by Trustpilot reviews, giving you an easy way to assess the competency of the companies when you are deciding on which accountant to use.